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Lucid Software Dojo

There are at least six opportunities that all marketing students desire: academic learning, skill acquisition, career preparation, networking opportunities, career placement, and free food. If even one of these experiences appeals to you, then the MA’s Dojos are the place to be on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

This past Tuesday (November 8) those who came to the Dojo ate their fill of J-Dawgs and had an opportunity to learn some Google AdWords basics. Lucid Software, a local subscription software solutions company that specializes in flow chart and online printing services, hosted the event. The presenter was Braden, a BYU Marketing alumnus, who has worked at Lucid Software since April 2015 as a social media marketer.

Google AdWords is a form of advertising where companies bid on specific search terms. The highest bidder’s ad is displayed at the top of the Google results of applicable searches. This is a HUGE source of revenue for Google and for many businesses which use this advertising method.

I asked Braden if there was one thing the readers [i.e.; you] should know and his recommendation was to just try AdWords out and learn as you go; he recommends becoming Google AdWords certified (takes a few free classes online with some associated tests) and then jumping right in.

If you are interested in some free keyword research tools, here is a site to get started. There are also the tools included in your AdWords profile. And if you really want to get into AdWords, the “Google Online Marketing Challenge” is now open, where Google grants $250 for students to experiment with AdWords on one of their projects. Check it out here:

Why should you care about AdWords? (1) it is a powerful way to market to customers with high buying intent; nothing drives sales like putting your product in front of a customer that is searching for it, and (2) as a millennial there is no avoiding digital, mobile, social, and web marketing; you will very likely have to use these skills, whether you are ready or not, simply because our cohort is expected to be computer savvy.

One of the students at the Dojo, Mallory, a Marketing Junior, commented with why she came to the Dojo. She stated that, “education is about learning hard skills.” Just like knowing how to run an ad campaign and learning how to use excel and the like. She went on to say that “knowing concepts is nothing without having the hard [marketable] skills” to back them up.

Thank you for all you are doing to contribute to the MA and Marriott School experience overall. We wouldn’t be a Marketing Association without, well, our associations. Keep on working hard and I hope to see you at the Dojos!

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