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Adobe has been a leading provider for professional multimedia and creativity software products for many years. Popular programs such as Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Premier Pro are among the arsenal that they provide. Because of this, we were very grateful they decided to stop by our last Dojo and give a presentation on some of their up and coming projects.

Mallory, a Marketing student planning to graduate in December of 2017, attended the DOJO with Adobe, “I was excited to see that the MA put together a DOJO with Adobe. Not only would Adobe be a cool company to work for, but also I love their products.”

After the presentation, Mallory felt that she had a better grasp on their programs. One of the biggest problems Adobe has, is that their programs have such a steep learning curve for the average customer to learn casually. However, they are addressing that.

“The Adobe Capture App! It’s a great tool that will help you integrate inspiration from your everyday life into your design projects. Plus, it helps make a lot of the initial design work a lot easier!” If you have ever tried to tackle Adobe’s programs, check this app out. In the near future I’m sure we’ll see more moves like this to target a wider market segment.

You may begin to start thinking that you don’t have a reason to ever use these programs, but think again. Mallory mentioned, “A better grasp of the Adobe programs can help in many areas of marketing like branding, package design, advertising etc.” Like I said before, these programs are continually taking the professional design market segment by storm. They are just as common as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is to an average business man/woman.

Adobe is a strong company and one that you may want to consider working for in the future. If you don’t end up working with them, familiarizing yourself with their programs could never hurt.

Feeling like you missed out? Luckily we have a Dojo every Tuesday that you can take advantage of! “If you go to the Dojos with a purpose, whether that be a desire to learn new skills, network with other students in the program, or with the companies putting them on, you’ll find that the Dojos are really useful.”

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