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New Member Orientation

Last Friday, many of new students accepted into the marketing program attended the first ever New Student Orientation. There was a great turnout as the MA leadership welcomed these new students into not only the Marketing Association but also the Marriott School of Management.

The orientation began with introductions and presentations from faculty members of the Marketing Program. Welcoming the students, Professor Darron Billeter talked about the impressive statistics regarding this new group of admitted students, including their great accomplishments and diversity. Professor Jeff Larson followed by speaking to the great potential of the students as they follow the good practices he suggested, including paying attention in class, focusing on the quality of work, and being a contributing group member. Professor Larson also spoke about the importance of utilizing the Marketing Association and the activities available for club members. The MA provides many opportunites to build knowledge, skills, and a strong network with other students and professionals.

Next, Mike Nueffer, the marketing career counselor, addressed the students by emphasizing three keys to success: (1) Learn your craft, (2) Build your brand, (3) Seek out mentors. These three keys will help every student land a great job and ‘own’ their career. Following the presentations by the faculty, BYU graduates from two amazing comapnies, Nielsen and FritoLay, discussed their experiences at these companies and opportuniteis for internships and full time jobs.

After the presentations, the MA leadership and the new marketing students spent the rest of the orientation rafting down Provo River, playing games in the park, eating a delicious lunch, and basically just having a fun time getting to know each other and celebrating their great accomplishment. Welcome and congratulations to all the new students accepted into the marketing program!


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