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What do you think of when you hear the company name Qualtrics? For me, I used to think of those hundreds of surveys I’ve taken. However, after attending this Dojo, one word comes to mind- exciting, and that isn’t just because of free JDawgs.

Qualtrics found a niche in the market and has since dominated it. A start up group in a basement of a house in our Provo town, is now used by two-thirds of the fortune 500 companies. So what’s the cause of so much success? They get results.

Qualtrics worked with JetBlue in implementing a way to interact with their customers. They mainly focused on boosting JetBlue’s NPS (net promoter score). After implementing the changes JetBlue found an increase of their NPS by twelve points. On average, a one point increase of a company’s NPS brings in 8 million dollars of revenue. So twelve points of an increase is a big deal.

However, they didn’t stop at helping company-consumer relationships. They also launched into the government sector.

In the past, the website has been notorious for not being consumer friendly. Qualtrics has since helped redesign the website with feedback from users, and has now created a website that is efficient and easy to use. Currently, they are working on bridging the gap between elected officials and the citizens they are responsible for. Qualtrics explained their reasoning for this through the Amazon Effect. Everyone is expecting good customer service, not only from companies, but from all aspects of life. Most people would agree that government is greatly lacking in this aspect, so Qualtric’s involvement is very exciting.

Qualtrics gave us the four things they focus on when it comes to customer experience: employee management, customer satisfaction, market research, and integrated operation data. The final focus is what they’ve revolutionized recently. An example would be when a consumer reports a bad experience in which an email is automatically sent to whomever was part of his experience. From here, the employee can contact the consumer and hopefully fix the bad taste the consumer has for the company. Real-time customer service. They didn’t have to wait for someone to read the report, it automatically let the person who needed to know, know.

This type of service is essential in a company’s success. There’s no doubt that a service like Qualtrics will be used with much success in your future careers. At the end of the presentation this strong statistics were shared: 52% of the fortune 500 companies that have since disappeared, weren’t focusing on their consumer’s experience.

We can’t ignore the Amazon Effect on our society, but we can use it to our benefit. Pay attention to the experiences you have as a consumer and how it affects your taste of the company. I can almost guarantee that those companies you really love, give you a good experience. And as you step into your careers, make sure you pay attention to the consumer and their experience.

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