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Career Fair October 2016

BYU hosted another great Career Fair for all undergraduate students! There were over 158 companies in attendance, including some big names like The Nielsen Company, PepsiCo, Nestle, Union Pacific, and Enterprise Rent-a-Car. (For a complete list of companies and their available positions, check out the BYU Bridge.) With approximately 2500 students in attendance, we think it’s safe to say that this was a very successful and beneficial event, especially for those in the MA.

“For me the career fair was invaluable for three reasons. First, it helped me to be open minded to all of the incredible companies and opportunities that are out there. Second, it gave me the opportunity to just have fun and gain confidence in my skills. Finally, it helped me to learn ways that I can improve and be a better candidate for the future.” - Amy Crofts

“ I was so surprised how far a little preparation went! Studied up on few key companies, updated the resume, and viola! Awesome experience. “ - Gannon Walser

“It was really nice to get to talk to some recruiters that weren’t just recruiters as their job. They were marketers or engineers or accountants that were recruiting because they wanted to share their positive experiences in the company with prospective employees. This also gave me a better feel for what their employees were like and what they really liked about their job. These employees also gave really helpful suggestions on how to make resumes stand out and how they found their niche in the company.” - Savannah Braun

We hope many of you marketers attended the Career Fair and utilized this amazing opportunity. Be sure to follow up with the companies and positions you found most intriguing in order to land your dream job or internship!

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