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Marketing Bootcamp with the Marketing Advisory Board

Papa John’s pizza, resume help, professional photos, and interviews with executives! These are just a few of the many things that made the Marketing Boot Camp the huge success that it was.

Opening the event, the new marketing students had the privilege of hearing from Tom Hafen with Nestle about how they can make their own opportunities while pursuing desired careers.

In addition to Tom’s remarks, dozens of advisory board members gave the students wonderful insights on how they can improve their resumes. Also, executives from Target, Walmart, Union Pacific, Papa John’s, and many other companies listened to elevator pitches given by the students and then provided professional feedback. Everyone quickly learned that to perfect an elevator pitch, it takes a lot of confidence and practice.

The highlight of the event was the mock interviews! Each student participated in a seven-minute interview with one of the many executives while their peers observed and reviewed their performance.

Overall, the event was very inspiring and a great way to start off the year in the marketing program! Now it’s time to apply what was learned!

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