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The annual Bateman awards was held this past Thursday evening at the Provo Marriott Hotel. These awards were developed to recognize students, faculty, and clubs that have contributed a tremendous amount in the previous school year.


The MA was awarded as one of the four finalists. Along with the club, MA members Luke Mocke, President, and Rochelle Leavitt, VP of Communications, were nominated as finalists for best undergrad students. Mike Bond and Darron Blleter were also finalists for the best faculty member.

The evening was classy with ties and suits, dresses, a delicious dinner, and some prestigious attendees. Elder Merril J. Bateman was in attendance and addressed the audience about life and how to become a successful leader for the future. Carine Clark, CEO and president of Martiz CX, also spoke and talked about her experience in becoming a leader and using the guidance of the Holy Spirit to make important decisions.

Overall, the MA was well represented in the awards and valuable advise was given by the keynote speakers.

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